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Over time leadwork and flashings on your property can and will deteriorate. This can result in allowing water ingress which can cause damage to your property. The solution to this is to remove existing leadwork and replace it with new led. However this does mean that re-pointing and re-tiling will be required.

This is not a job for your everyday handyman. Instead we would recommend that you call in our team of leadwork specialists in Glasgow. Our team are fully experienced in all kinds of roofing leadwork projects including lead roofing, lead flashing, lead gutters, flat roofs, lead dormers and all other kinds of sheet lead roofing.

There is a high demand for roofing leadwork. This is down to two main reasons. Firstly there are lots of heritage protected and listed buildings that have weathered over time and therefore replacement of new leadwork is required. Secondly, and sadly, lead is a popular and expensive item to be stolen by thieves.

Here at Torrance we have over 35 years experience providing top quality leadwork and lead roofing to customers across Scotland. Over the years we have built up a solid reputation as leadwork specialists that can be trusted.

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Lead sheet is often seen as roof coverings for old and historic buildings. Lead sheeting has been used to cover the roofs of cathedrals, churches and public buildings for many years across Scotland the rest of the world.

However, lead sheeting is also an ideal material for modern roofing and cladding applications. Leadwork is used in many different applications such as a flat roof or pitched roof, guttering or flashing, or to bridge awkward junctions between walls and roofing. Our leadwork specialists in Glasgow have many years experience with leadwork in these areas.

Leadwork is a popular material for roofing because when detailed and fitted correctly, using traditional methods, it is a reliable and long-life material with outstanding durability. This is even the case in the most severe weather conditions.

If you are looking for leadwork specialists in Glasgow to carry out work to the highest of standards then contact Torrance. Our experienced leadwork trades people produce the highest quality of new and refurbished leadwork including roof maintenance, roof replacement, roof repairs and lead guttering. Contact our experienced team now to find out more.

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